Observations: Earth Observation satellites turned out to be imperative with atmosphere changes and climate issues, as satellites give ongoing information to checking disaster controlling and environmental change. Moreover, investigate on board the ISS can likewise add to the advancement of shut life supportive networks, osteoporosis medications and treatments anticipation, and add to propelling undertakings lessening water contamination through enhanced water cleaning forms. Alternative energy sources are getting to be plainly imperative, as energy supplies are reducing and nations are getting to be dependent on fewer energy suppliers. …

© 2021 modified Article based on Master Thesis | Gaiane Hakobian | Space Economy:Gravity free market

This is already the exact time to officially establish the Space industry for every country in the world, as in this globalized economy it will not be contemporary not to do that. Already decades there was a huge lack of investment in space-based technologies and services also not so significant growth both in developed and developing countries. The nowadays space industry is facing only slight reduction of cost of satellites, launch vehicles and also of the launching process itself, so here is the gap where government has to establish low-cost policy. …

Gaiane Hakobian

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